World Dance Party
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Dance Around The World with DJ Shoebox Moses

Stay Connected When We Can't Be Together In Person

One thing we've discovered in this time of crisis is that we need to stay connected now more than ever, period. What we've also discovered in this time of social isolation, it is more important to have fun being creative and staying connected at a World Dance Party!

We've taken our two favorite passions, dancing with people and connection and brought them into your living room.

We are not only bringing a party to your living room, or your earbuds; we are also helping to unite a world in crisis.

Join us for a night of fun and joy and the ability to connect with others from around the world. DJ Shoebox Moses is going to lead us through a full set to keep our energy up during these times where we are unable to connect in-person.

“I had a blast at the VDP!! The party helped me feel like I was connected to people and when I closed my eyes and listened to the music, it was like I was at a party in a luxury resort in the most exotic location on the planet. For me, an extrovert, it’s exactly what I needed.” - Terri Miller